About Us

Inspired by nature, offering 100% Pure, Chemical♡Free Natural Remedies for the entire family. Focusing on custom, handcrafted, whole-plant formulations using herbal infusions & 100% pure essential oils. 

Hi, my name's Aly Choice, from Sydney! I am HEALTHi Choice 🥰

My Wholistic health journey started back in 2010 when my eldest was diagnosed with ADHD. I started out with Essential Oils and my knowledge and interests grew from there. Over time I felt frustrated that I could not source all products that I needed for myself and my family at A) an affordable price and B) all within Australia, so I set out to source my own raw ingredients and formulate my own products.

The Healthi Choice range has evolved from products I have formulated to heal myself after falling ill mid 2020, due to pharmaceutical side effects and serious complications. I also love custom making natural remedies to help my friends and family and now I wish to share them with you. 

I am updating and adding to the website as often as I can. If you do not see what you are after, please reach out as I do custom orders often. I love making things look pretty, so dont be shy - let me know your favourite colour, do you like butterflies? Do you love sparkles? Are you more conservative in your style. Please tell me so I can make your custom order just right!

Thank you for being here, I am truly grateful. Much Love Aly xxx

You cannot under-estimated the healing power of Mother Nature's gifts!


Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor or Chemist nor am I qualified to give any medical advice. Information presented in this shop has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, therefore is not intended to diagnose/treat any medical condition or replace advice/care of a qualified health professional.

Each product description includes a complete list of ingredients. People with sensitivities to any listed ingredient should not use the product. Before using our products for the first time, we recommend testing them on a small patch of skin. If redness/irritation develops within 24 hours, discontinue use.

Many of our products contain essential oils and herbs as with any products that contain essential oils or herbs, individuals should consult a physician prior to use, especially if pregnant/ nursing or suffering from a medical condition.