Welcome to Healthi Choice Farmacy Sydney

Our focus at Healthi Choice Farmacy is Artisan Herbal Remedies and Wholistic Healing Education.

Born out of necessity and inspired by nature, our Farmacy range is 100% Pure, chemical-free, whole-plant formulations. Natural Remedies for the entire family.

Hi, my name's Aly Choice (Scroggie) and I am HEALTHi Choice Farmacy

My wholistic health journey started back in 2010 when my eldest was diagnosed with ADHD. I started out training in aromatherapy to support him and my knowledge and interests have gradually grown from there.

The Healthi Choice range has evolved from products I have formulated to help my family and myself. 

In 2020 my world was turned upside down as a result of medication side effects. I sustained a pharmaceutical brain injury and significant nuerological disorders (involuntary movement disorders ever since Tardive Dyskinesia Parkinsonism and Akathisia, memory loss, ataxia and vision issues) I have been Biohacking my way back to me.

After experiencing endless dead ends with my mainstream medical team I had two choices: remain "disabled" or do anything I could to regain my health and be the mum and wife I once was!

My ADHD superpower I discovered is medical research and development of all natural herbal medicine, skincare and essential oil blends. So I started following the breadcrumbs and completely changed my lifestyle.

I now live a wholistic life, I am the fittest and happiest I have been in so long, my involuntary movements are stable and I am completely medication free!!! 



To empower and educate people to take back control by incorporating a wholistic approach to life. Your health and wellness is about much more than just the condition of your body and a "pill for an ill" is not the answer! There is much wisdom behind wholistic healing and eucation is key.

'You dont know what you dont know until you know"

I want you to see how truly amazing your body is and how to support it to become the best version of yourself you can be 💜

I share many difficult topics covering MIND, BODY AND SOUL. I want you to fall in love like I have with the amazing healing power of mother nature's earth medicine. 

I am now a qualified Holistic Herbalist and natural skincare formulator as well as a holistic coach. 

My passions are a many and I have a wealth of knowledge in Cognitive Brain Health and Wellness, Detoxification and Holistic Family Herbalism

My love of research has shown me so much that I once could not see. And I truly am so very grateful I got sick in 2020 because I have learnt so much and now have the opportunity to serve others by educating and empowering. 

Thank you for being here, I am truly grateful. Much Love Aly xxx

You cannot under-estimated the healing power of Mother Nature's gifts!

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Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor or Chemist nor am I qualified to give any medical advice. Information presented in this shop has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, therefore is not intended to diagnose/treat any medical condition or replace advice/care of a qualified health professional.

Each product description includes a complete list of ingredients. People with sensitivities to any listed ingredient should not use the product. Before using our products for the first time, we recommend testing them on a small patch of skin. If redness/irritation develops within 24 hours, discontinue use.

Many of our products contain essential oils and herbs as with any products that contain essential oils or herbs, individuals should consult a physician prior to use, especially if pregnant/ nursing or suffering from a medical condition.