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ALIGN Aura Cleansing Detox Mineral Botanical Bath Salts with Shungite and Zeolite

ALIGN Aura Cleansing Detox Mineral Botanical Bath Salts with Shungite and Zeolite

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ALIGN therapeutic bath or foot salts soak is specially formulated to assist in the removal of dangerous toxins in your body that can potentially cause ill health. The combination of botanicals, magnesium, sea salts and other important natural minerals is formulated to assist the body in:

  • remove toxins
  • EMF radiation detox
  • reduce inflammation
  • replenish vital minerals
  • balance Ph levels
  • ease muscle tension, cramps and pain
  • remove negative energies and vibrations from your spiritual and auric body
  • restore your inner harmony & rejuvenate your spirit


SHUNGITE - Shungite is a unique Precambrian carbonaceous natural mineral of organic origin. It can be found in its raw form only in the Republic of Karelia, the Russian Federation, where the only deposit of this amazing mineral is located. Shungite has a unique structure consisting of fullerenes, which is a crystalline modification of carbon. Fullerenes are considered one of the most powerful antioxidants that protect cells of the human body from the damaging effects of free radicals and spherical fullerene molecules contained in the Shungite carbon. Shungite is capable of reducing the effects of EMF radiation, neutralising geopathic stress and tension, activating healing properties of the human body and providing physical and spiritual healing to a person using it. Shungite's therapeutic properties encourage the body to flush out all the waste efficiently. It improves our immune system and enhances the body’s ability to minimize exposure to toxins.

CELTIC SALTCeltic Sea Salt, is an unrefined, raw marvel of the ocean. Known for its grey hue and mineral-rich content, this unique salt has a deep-rooted Celtic history and is harvested along the coastal regions of France. Celtic sea salt contains a diverse array of 92 + minerals. Such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc and trace elements, which are beneficial for various bodily functions and overall health. The mineral composition of Celtic sea salt can help maintain electrolyte balance in the body, which is crucial for nerve function, muscle contractions, and hydration. The trace minerals found in Celtic sea salt are thought to support adrenal gland function, potentially assisting the body’s response to stress. The iodine content present can play a role in maintaining proper thyroid function, which is essential for regulating metabolism and energy levels. The impressive mineral profile of Celtic sea salt can support the body’s detoxification processes, helping to eliminate waste and toxins.

ZEOLITE CLINOPTILOLITE - A natural volcanic mineral Zeolite has a reputation of being one of the best combatants against heavy metal toxicity! Zeolite is a proven and highly effective mineral that will bind and remove toxins and heavy metals, that are found in the environment and automatically get absorbed by the skin. Often these toxins are the lead cause of skin redness and irritation. Additionally, Zeolite has immunological balancing properties that make it effective for itch and irritation reduction. Lastly, Zeolite soothes any skin redness and is known to reduce and calm the skin. One of the many benefits of zeolite powder is helping to detoxify heavy metals and other toxins. We’ve found that soaking in a bath that contains zeolite is very relaxing and helps to ease muscle pain and relieve stress. At the same time, toxic matter is drawn from your skin layers. 

BORAX - The use of borax in baths may not be as widely known as other bath additives, but this natural mineral compound is a natural substance mined from the earth, similar to salt. It contains boron, a trace mineral (sodium borate), which may be lacking in modern diets. (3) Research has shown that restoring healthy boron levels can improve health conditions like arthritis. (4)Additionally, borax is quite alkaline. The body relies on essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids, to function properly. Boron, a trace mineral in borax, is essential for proper hormone function and calcium-magnesium balance. (5Many diseases today are related to simple nutritional deficiencies, and restoring a low nutrient like boron can significantly improve overall health. (6

HIMALAYAN SALT - One of the most notable health benefits of Himalayan pink salt is its ability to help detoxify the body and soften the skin. This type of salt has a unique combination of minerals, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium, that help to stimulate circulation and detoxify the body. As a result, it can help to flush out toxins, reduce puffiness and bloating, and help keep your skin looking soft and healthy. Himalayan Salt is also a natural source of electrolytes that can help restore balance in the body. The trace amounts of iron help increase the blood’s oxygen-carrying capacity and enhance circulation.

1 x strong BATH SOAK or 2 x FOOT SOAKS


Pharmaceutical Grade EPSOM SALT (Magnesium Sulfate), Pure HIMALAYAN PINK SALT, SEA SALT, CELTIC SALT, DENDRITIC SALT, Aluminium Free SODIUM BICARBONATE, BORAX mineral of sodium borate, Organic BENTONITE Clay, SHUNGITE powder, Australian Organic Certified ZEOLITE powder, Essential Oils and Botanicals

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