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Apricot Kernel Seeds | Prunus armeniaca

Apricot Kernel Seeds | Prunus armeniaca

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Description & Benefits: Apricot kernels 

Botanical name: Prunus armeniaca

40 grams

Armeniaca vulgaris Lam is commonly known as the apricot tree. The plant is thought to originate from the northern, north-western, and north-eastern provinces of China, although some data show that it may also come from Korea or Japan.

The apricot fruit is used medicinally to treat a variety of ailments, including use as an antipyretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, emetic, and ophthalmic remedy. The Chinese and Korean pharmacopeias describe the apricot seed as an herbal medicinal product.

Various parts of the apricot plant are used worldwide for their anticancer properties, either as a primary remedy in traditional medicine or as a complementary or alternative medicine.

Hidden inside the strong armoured pit of the Apricot is a small seed that contains a highly nutritious substance called Amygdalin, most commonly known as B17. 

What is B17 (Amygdalin)?

Amygdalin, often referred to as B17, is a naturally occurring molecule found in over 1,200 different foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and seeds. B17 is found in concentrated amounts in the seeds of apricots, plums, cherries, oranges, nectarines, apples, peaches, and many other fruits.

B17 is primarily used by people to help support a healthy immune system. Many people believe that B17 is an essential nutrient and may offer a variety of benefits to our health. From heart and digestive health support to hair loss prevention and other serious life-threatening illnesses. B17 contains many incredible potential benefits. 

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