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Brahmi / Bacopa monniera

Brahmi / Bacopa monniera

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Bacopa monniera is perhaps the most important nervine and potent adaptogen herb in Ayurvedic medicine and has been used for centuries

It is a small, creeping herb that grows in wetlands and marshy areas throughout India, Asia, Australia and North America. It has small, oblong leaves and produces small white or purple flowers. 

Also known as as Brahmi, water hyssop or Indian pennywort this herb forms a highly important pillar of Ayurvedic medicine. It’s a nervine tonic that is used to remove toxins from the nervous system, rejuvenate brain cells, as well as improve memory and concentration. It’s also used to help restore the mind and body while recovering from addictions. It has positive effects on the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems.

Brahmi is used for nervous system disorders, neuralgia, epilepsy, anxiety, mental exhaustion and mental illness.

Brahmi improves mental function, memory and concentration and reduces learning time.

Brahmi has been studied extensively for its potential benefits for individuals with ADHD. Research suggests that it may help improve focus and concentration, memory, and overall cognitive function. It may also reduce anxiety and promote a sense of calm, which can be particularly beneficial for individuals with ADHD who may struggle with hyperactivity and impulsivity.

Actions: Nervine, potent Adaptogen, brain tonic

Ayurvedic Properties of Brahmi

Rasa or Taste: Tikta or bitter

Guna or Qualities: Laghu or light

Virya or Potency: Ushna or hot

Vipaka or Taste Conversion After Digestion: Katu or pungent

Effect on Dosha: Bacopa monnieri is Kapha dosha shamak and Vata dosha shamak. It pacifies excessive Kapha and Vata dosha because of its ushna virya or hot potency.

Directions: To make Brahmi tea, steep 1-2 teaspoons of dried Brahmi leaves in hot water for 5-10 minutes. You can also add other herbs or spices, such as ginger or honey, to enhance the flavor


Brahmi Bath soak: 

Adaptogens have been used throughout history as part of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Balneotherapy (Bath soak)

While adaptogens are mostly known for internal use in drinks and in food, they have tremendous benefits for both skin and hair

Brahmi is a powerful adaptogens known for their stress-relief properties, they help you relax, provide mental clarity and a sense of well-being.



In general, brahmi is well tolerated by most individuals. While brahmi has its own uses and benefits, the most common side effect seen in some people is gastrointestinal distress.

Use caution when taking NSAID'S. Brahmi can interact with some medications so ask your health care provider before taking 


All information provided on this website is for informational purposes only. Please seek professional advice before commencing any treatment.

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