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LEMON BALM (Melissa officinalis) Alcohol Free Liquid Extract Herbal Glycerite drops

LEMON BALM (Melissa officinalis) Alcohol Free Liquid Extract Herbal Glycerite drops

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Lemon Balm Glycerite, What is it?

Fresh Lemon Balm leaves grown in our Farmacy Garden are infused in pharmaceutical (USP) and food-grade, Glycerine with a purity of 999.9%. Refined Glycerine is colourless and odourless, a sweet-tasting viscous liquid and it is hygroscopic. Refined Glycerine is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, and cosmetics. Glyverine is 100% ALCOHOL-FREE so a great option for children and those looking to avoid alcohol.

Why we love LEMON BALM and our top benefits:

Lemon balm's fresh lemon scent possesses mood-lifting benefits that go far beyond simply smelling lovely! It has traditionally been used to improve mood and cognitive function. These include effects against stress, anxiety, insomnia, PMS and depression, including post-partum depression or the “baby blues”, ADHD and Dementia. Lemon Balm not only improves our mental health and brain health, but it also relieves inflammation and even has certain antiviral benefits.

Lemon balm can be a good option for mental health because it increases levels of serotonin, a mood-lifting, stress-relieving neurotransmitter. These properties also make it a safe option for people experiencing anxiety.

Research shows that lemon balm extract may be as effective as conventional treatment in relieving depression without harmful side effects. Its benefits hold up in mild to moderate depression, but we don’t yet know if it may work for severe cases.

A clinical trial of 45 people compared the benefits of lemon balm to lavender, as well as the antidepressant medication fluoxetine, for the treatment of mild to moderate depression.

Lemon balm extract almost halved depression scores from an average of around 18 points to just over 10, a decrease of 7.8 points. Like lavender, it did not have the side effects of fluoxetine; neither caused anxiety or sexual dysfunction.

Other benefits of Lemon Balm:

It may help relieve indigestion

It can help treat nausea

May help minimise PMS and menstrual cramps

It may help ease headache pain


Add 1-3 drops to water, juice, smoothie or tea OR directly under your tongue up to 3 times a day.


If you’re growing your own lemon balm, or using dried leaves for tea, there is little risk.

A general rule of thumb is to take one week off after every three weeks of use. You shouldn’t take lemon balm for longer than four months at a time without a break.

You should talk to your doctor before use if you’re taking:

  • glaucoma medications
  • thyroid medications
  • barbiturates
  • sedatives
  • drugs that affect serotonin
  • You should also talk to your doctor before use if:

    • you’re pregnant
    • you’re breastfeeding
    • you want to administer lemon balm to an infant or child under the age of 12
    • you have a scheduled surgery
  • Talk to your doctor about your individual case and the potential benefits and risks involved.
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