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Mushroom Double Liquid Extract Professional Biohacker Set

Mushroom Double Liquid Extract Professional Biohacker Set

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The Ultimate Value Pack for Biohackers and Mushroom Lovers.

Purchase 5 of our mushroom Double Liquid Extract Flavourings for the price of 4 in the Biohacker Set and have all the tools to reach your true potential.

Double Liquid Extract Flavourings are alcohol based and engineered in our labs in Australia and USA using a unique double extraction process, they are full spectrum which means that we use both the mushroom fruiting bodies and the mycelium in our extraction process to create a well-rounded, high quality product. 

 Double Liquid Extracts Flavourings are infused with Australian native Kakadu Plum, known to have the highest recorded level of natural vitamin C than any other fruit in the world.

You can choose between 2 different Biohacker Set options to suit your needs.

The Original Biohacker Set Includes: Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, Turkey Tail & Shiitake

60ml: $139.80

120ml: $211.80

The Chaga Biohacker Set Includes Lion’s Mane, Chaga, Reishi, Turkey Tail & Shiitake

60ml: $156.80

120ml: $249.80

Both of these options are available in 120ml and 60ml bottles.


Plus each Biohacker Set™ comes in a stunning box to keep your extracts safe.

Also included: A full guide on each mushroom in the set, suggested schedule and how to use them.

All of our liquid extracts are


Vegan friendly

Gluten Free

Made in Australia and the USA

These products are extract flavourings

Bottle size

120ml bottle (60 day supply - 2ml per day)

60ml bottle (30 day supply - 2ml per day)

Please note - we do not deliver to countries that do not allow alcohol based products in their postal service. In these cases we suggest to order our mushroom powder products instead. Thank you for your understanding.

Please be aware that if you are shipping internationally you may be subject to custom duties. These charges are the sole responsibility of the customer purchasing. Please read our shipping policy carefully before purchasing anything. Thank you.

The company offers a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied within the first 7 days of receiving it. Customers need to send the full set back to our address at the customer’s cost. 


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