Collection: Skincare Anhydrous Range

What Does Anhydrous Mean?

The definition of anhydrous is a substance that contains no water. When it comes to skincare products, anhydrous means products that are water-free.

Why is this important?

Where there is water there is life!! Therefore, if a product contains H2O that means preservatives must also be present as water promotes the growth of microorganisms, bacteria etc.

To truly promote a CHEMICAL FREE RANGE as I am, the use of preservatives and stabilisers are generally out of the question.

Some people will argue water in your skincare, actually dries out the skin, taking natural oils away as it evaporates.

You might be surprised to learn that most beauty products on the market contain anywhere from 70-80% water, with shampoos, gels, and toners generally being closer to 95% ........ But don't worry I won't charge you for WATER!!

What is in our skincare range? The answer is 100% PURE PLANT!!

Anhydrous products, are naturally self-preserving and are highly concentrated formulas. This means you are feeding your largest organ, potent skin-loving nutrients without the toxic overload found in commercial beauty products.