Collection: Balneotherapy


The aim of these treatments may be to enhance the immune system, stimulate circulatory processes including lymph and blood circulation, accelerate cell activity, dilate tissue and vessels, and activate the self-healing potential naturally.

For centuries the benefits of therapeutic bathing have been recognized for the ability
to relieve pain and improve the general well-being of the body and spirit. Balneotherapy is one of the oldest medical procedures, well-known and widely regarded throughout Europe and Asia.

Balneotherapy, the art of water therapy, is a perfect way for herbs, minerals and essential oils to enter the body for healing. Water is nature’s greatest and most effective solvent. It acts as a liquid suspension, carrying a variety of minerals and chemicals (essential oils, herbs etc). When we immerse our bodies or feet in a warm bath, our skin rapidly begins to absorb chemicals that are suspended in the water. These chemicals can make their way into our bloodstream in as little as 2 to 15 minutes.


Over the several hundred years during which the science of medical balneotherapy has
developed, physicians have been able to identify the health conditions that can best be
treated by healing waters.  CLICK HERE TO READlist of indications for balneotherapy and medical research papers